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Body Camera: FBI agent gets Detained by Police

This video offers a rare glimpse of adversarial encounters between government agencies. Here we witness first-hand an FBI agent, that was investigating a police corruption case in Franklin County, Florida, getting detained, handcuffed, and locked in a police car. The video starts with the FBI agent asking if the body camera is on. We don’t know exactly what happened, but the officer recording later summarizes the situation to his sergeant by saying that the FBI agent had called him in on his personal cell phone asking to meet regrading a ticket. The initial confrontation revolves around the FBI agent asking the police officer to turn off his body camera, with the police officer questioning the legitimacy of the FBI agent’s...

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Suicidal Man Confronts Police - Body Camera Video

This body camera video show Moses Lake Police saving a man's life. When the police arrived on scene, the man had already climbed over the guardrail and was threatening to jump onto the highway below. MLPD Sgt. Sursely struck up the conversation with the man and convinced him to get back over the fence. National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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Cyclist Tries to Rip Off Tram Wipers - Video

This man seemed angry that there is a tram coming up behind him while he is cycling on a tram track. It seems to us that this is like being offended that there are forks in the kitchen drawer or gasoline being dispensed at a petrol station."Oh you didn't see me, you didn't see my bike", he said.Our sympathies go out to all the pubic transit workers around the world that have to deal with this sort of thing on a day-to-day basis.

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Body Camera Action: Stamford Police Chasing a Pig!

Sometimes body camera footage strikes gold. In the video below we have Stamford Police Department trying to catch a pig with a garbage can. The pig leads law enforcement on a wild chase through people's backyards. The police department posted the following commentary on their Facebook page: "This little piggy went to the market, this little piggy stayed home...this little piggy ran away from the police".

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COVID-19 Videos From Around The World

#5 Empty Streets of Wuhan Videos like this came out in the earlier pandemic days. The quiet of the streets is eerie and so out of character for dense cities in China. #4 First Person Account of an NYC Doctor Fighting The Pandemic This sombre, personal, and real footage that puts us on the front lines documenting some of the measures being taken.#3 South Beach Police Dispersing The Crowd This is raw footage shot by someone on the ground captures the reality of the moment. “They’re taking people down right and left. This is mayhem, total mayhem!”#2 Indian Police Using Sticks to Punish Curfew Breakers We don’t condone violence, and the methods employed here seem pretty draconian by our Canadian...

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