Body Camera: FBI agent gets Detained by Police

This video offers a rare glimpse of adversarial encounters between government agencies. Here we witness first-hand an FBI agent, that was investigating a police corruption case in Franklin County, Florida, getting detained, handcuffed, and locked in a police car.

The video starts with the FBI agent asking if the body camera is on. We don’t know exactly what happened, but the officer recording later summarizes the situation to his sergeant by saying that the FBI agent had called him in on his personal cell phone asking to meet regrading a ticket. The initial confrontation revolves around the FBI agent asking the police officer to turn off his body camera, with the police officer questioning the legitimacy of the FBI agent’s credentials.

When the police run the plates the FBI agent’s car does not come back registered to any government agency. This eventually leads to a decision by the local police to detain and handcuff the agent when a number of uniformed and plain clothed police officers arrive on scene. The FBI agent gets placed in the back of a police cruiser while the police are confirming his credentials.

In one of the more dramatic moments you can hear the FBI officers begging the police officer for air “I need air, brother” and then later “I can’t breathe!”. The police officer appears to turn on the air condition when the FBI agent asks him to.

Sometime later the police establish the legitimacy of the FBI agent’s credentials. It still takes them some time to release him from the back of the police crusier, at which point the FBI agent appears to have suffered a heat stroke and asks for an ambulance. The police officers call for EMS, provide the agent with water, and stay on the scene until the EMS arrive (approximately 10 minutes later) and take the FBI agent away on a stretcher.

It doesn’t seem that the police take the FBI agent’s condition seriously until the very end, at one point joking about him getting the nominee for best actor.

Unfortunately we will likely never know the full story of what happened here. Was the FBI agent faking a heat stroke to later squeeze the PD? Or did the officer’s carelessness or malice induce an injury of an FBI agent? Was the FBI agent investigating the officer in question for corruption or was this just a small part of a larger operation? Was the police officer in the wrong here, the FBI agent, or both?