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"Light Them Up!" - Police fire paint on people standing on porch during curfew

In the below video, the police can be seen marching through a quiet street ordering everyone into the house. They stop in front of the house of the people filming and open fire when one of the officers screams "Light them up!".According to Minnesota FAQ on the curfew the people had rights to stand on their porch during curfew hours. The governor had explicitly mentioned in a televised address that standing on one's property was perfectly legal.

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Body Camera: Serial Police Impersonator Arrested

Windermere Police Officer Jerrell Ogletree has written the following:"On Saturday September 7, 2019 at approximately 1617 hours I, Ofc. J. Ogletree, observed a funeral procession being conducted with a black and gray motorcycle with multiple colored lights, air horn and siren activated while approaching the traffic circle at Maguire Road and Park Avenue. I continued observing when the black and gray motorcycle, traveling west on Park Ave., passed my clearly marked patrol vehicle and proceeded to pass over the double solid yellow center lines with oncoming traffic approaching and traveled within the same lane as a vehicle in the procession. The motorcycle's movement caused the driver to travel outside of their lane of travel.I activated my emergency equipment and conducted...

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Police Arrest 12-year-old and Put Hood Over His Head - Body Camera Video

An arrest of a 12-year-old captured on a police body camera has gone viral when Sacramento Police put a hood over a boy's head. According to the police this hood is a "spit mask" designed to protect police offers and other people in the vicinity.Police Sgt. Vance Chandler indicated that the “spit mask” was used for a specific reason and that it causes no harm to the person wearing it.

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Cleveland Police Officer Arrested for DUI By State Trooper - Dashcam

In this video we can see a Cleveland police officer, Robert Sweany, getting charged with a DUI on the I-71 in Ashland County, Ohio. As of November 1st, 2018 Sweany has been terminated from the Cleveland Police. The officer has already been involved in other disciplinary manners and was working under a “Last Chance Agreement”. He has also been investigated for a shooting incident in 2012. The final disciplinary hearing was held on Sept. 21, 2018.

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Guns Drawn in arrest of young woman dressed as Storm Trooper in Canada

Lethbridge police have arrested a 19 year old employee dressed up as a Storm Trooper promoting a local store on May 4th, 2020. The video captures perspectives of a passer by who ends up driving by the Star Wars-themed Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina that was being promoted.Multiple police offers had their guns drawn, including a shotgun, in the confrontation. As the woman was being detained she reportedly suffered a bloody nose during the arrest.The police chief has reportedly called for an investigation of the officers actions.

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